Major political and social shifts are resulting in new forces and alliances that are visibly pushing back, stifling the possibilities of equal women’s rights and gender justice.

Gender justice
is under attack.

How can we counter
backlash together?

What is needed for women’s rights organisations and gender justice defenders to counter backlash and the subtle erosion of gender transformative discourse, policy, and practice?

A five year global research programme to
Share diverse experience and knowledge
Build new knowledge of these complex phenomena
Identify strategies to counter backlash
Engaged research and capacity building across networks and strategic partnerships.
Partner countries
Short-term research countries

What's Happening?

Gender justice is increasingly contested the world over. Yet, equity across the genders is a critical foundation of human rights and sustainable development.

Backlash wages against the possibilities of transformative gender justice. To counter it, we must understand its diverse manifestations - from the subtle to the spectacular, the hidden to the explicit.

Solidarity, collaboration, and co-creation are the greatest tools in the box to mutually resist and counter coordinated and global attacks on gender and social justice.
Journal Paper
Patriarchal (Dis)orders: Backlash as Crisis Management
Jerker Edström, Alan Greig, Chloe Skinner

This article examines more global dynamics of backlash, exploring the question of why and how it has emerged with greater intensity in recent years, and how we can better understand it. […]

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Patriarchy, Research, Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Kenya, Lebanon, Pakistan, Serbia, Turkey, Uganda
Marriage equality in India: still miles to go
Jashodhara Dasgupta (Consultant)

The queer community in India has been continuously fighting for social equality over the last few decades, given the colonial era laws like Section 377 that criminalised same sex relationships and the Criminal Tribes law that outlawed entire transgender community. […]

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Policy, Research, India
Partner event: BIGD discuss the implementation of Bangladesh’s Domestic Violence Prevention and Protection Act

Countering Backlash partner BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD) hosted an engaging and important workshop with representatives of the Bangladesh Government and advocates. The workshop was hosted by BIGD in partnership with the Citizen’s Initiative against Domestic Violence (CIDV) […]

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Policy, Voice, Convening, Bangladesh

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